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yeah we’re doin’ it like you never knew it could be done
who else do you know that has this much fun
banging drum pads like it’s 1991
and going out of fashion mashing
Casio keys digital cymbals crashing
when all’s done and dusted
we’re gonna be bigger than Busted
before they busted
sweet like honey and
hotter than mustard
no I ain’t being funny
‘cause I’ve been to the year 3000
and people are still listening to Cosmic Sounds man
i’d like to welcome you to
our difficult 2nd album
who knew we’d be back
more hyped, more psyched
mics at the ready (ready)
Hedluv, Passman and Ed
we hold it steady (steady)
we’re holding it down for the Redruth crew
milling around town on a Saturday afternoon
like we’ve got nothing to do
in truth we’ve got a bunch
we just don’t be starting nothing ‘til after lunch
yeah i don’t be getting up ‘til after lunch

‘cause i’m doin’ it
i’m doin’ it dreckly
doin’ it
we’re doin’ it dreckly
doin’ it
we’re doin’ it dreckly
(i spend longer in the bathroom than Elvis Presley)
‘cause i’m doin’ it
i’m doin’ it dreckly
we’re doin it
we’re doin’ it dreckly
(i lost my remote down the back of the settee
didn’t find it for at week ‘cause i’m doin’ it)

it’s the way down ‘ere
way down ‘ere
we don’t do much in a day down ‘ere
i can’t get a job or get paid down ‘ere
but there’s no where to spend it anyway down ‘ere
that’s okay down ‘ere
i walk through a lovely landscape down ‘ere
that’s the pace down ‘ere
it’s country lanes, no motor ways down ‘ere
it takes as long as it takes down ‘ere
so i’m doin’ it
i’m doin it dreckly
when I drink tea it’s usually Tetley
i came from the 20th century
travelling at the speed of time
and I reckon that I might just make it in the nick of time
if they wait a minute at the finish line
and fall asleep they’ll get beat by me
the tortoise
but I’m doin’ it
like the chorus

i’m doin’ it dreckly
I’m doin’ it dreckly
we’re doin’ it dreckly
when Ed’s on the mic he comes through correctly
it’s the E to the D
i’ve got it E to the Z
my maid made my bed
my mum made my tea
i’ve got it made
but 5 days a week
i’ve gotta get up early
to pay for my keep
up a ladder with a paintbrush
in a rush?
matter-do-e have a late lunch
i work for my father
though he doesn’t pay much
if I want a home of my own
i’m gonna have to save up
paper (paper)

so he’s doin’ it
he’s doin’ it dreckly
i’m doin’ it
i’m doin’ it dreckly
we’re doin’ it
we’re doin’ it dreckly
are you doin’ it dreckly?

D.R.E.C.K.L.Y. means ‘later on’
it’s one Cornish dialect that still remains strong
which could be the reason why we take so long
luckily Hedluv and Passman are worth waiting for

we’re like miners mining
you’ve gotta put the time in
dig it out the grime
and it come up shining
ain’t no diamonds
this town was built on tin
‘cause you gotta have something
to put your baked beans in


from We Came Here Not For Gold, released May 26, 2011


all rights reserved



hedluv + passman Redruth, UK

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