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yo it’s Hedluv
back on the road
fully taxed and MOT’d
with a fresh batch of new melodies
I’m like hot gazpacho soup
an MC rapping over a Casio loop
as for what I drive it’s a 1.3
F reg Nissan Sunny
and it’s red like Mario
I take it for a spin whenever I’ve got somewhere far to go
but I’m far too slow
drive a long way
‘cause I take too long
get where I’m going
I forget where I’m going
and end up going ‘round roundabouts
two or three times
you’ll have to excuse me mind
there’s ash on the floor
and there’s dust on the dash
and the passenger door gets jammed
I keep a can
of WD40
in the glove compartment
in case my car won’t start
and that seems to happen
more often than not
but it was such a bargain
I coughed up on the spot
and I couldn’t live without it
when I’m off to the shops
in the rain
done waiting for a bus again
but now I’ve got a car to sustain
I’ve got to keep the money coming in
speak to somebody about delivering
leaflets door to door
it seems like more and more
I’m just working for my car

you may see me
driving in my car but
sometimes I wish we could all ride on bicycles
I’m never in a hurry
and I don’t go that far just
sometimes I wish we could all ride on bicycles
they could be electrical so I wouldn’t have to peddle up the hills
I don’t want to get political but petrol’s gone up 4p and I’m still
buying it
just because it’s a joy to drive to
places that might only take 5 minutes to walk to
certain places can be hard to get to
in the South West

a feather light touch is all I need
on the accelerator to get up to speed
better late than never right?
in the dark I turn my lights on
when the weather’s bright I pull down my visor
I pull out
and pull away
and drive into town
on a holiday I might drive all around
in a wiggly manner if you were watching me from space
it resemble spaghetti or a strawberry lace
I don’t have any spanners but I know a man that has
I’ve travelled thousands of miles sitting on my ass
I am the man when I’m driving my car
with one hand on the wheel I can parallel park
take a handful of people to the caravan park
where we work in the summer making caravans sparkle
yeah we car pool
and we buckle up
because we are cool


from Cosmic Sounds, released October 7, 2007


all rights reserved



hedluv + passman Redruth, UK

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